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Production Line

Carbide is a composite material including of particles mainly with tungsten carbide as hard material and a metallic binder . For this reason , with carbide it is possible to achieve hardness and toughness combinations which can’t obtained with other materials .

1. Powder Production

Both tungsten carbide and cobalt powders come from carefully selected suppliers, and each batch is carefully tested in the laboratory.

Slow Wire Cutting:

  • Using the Slow wire cutting for the mold, it would be with high surface finish and a high precision level, and also there is no subsequent processing required.

Engraving Machine with μm-level Accuracy

  • Processing on the copper material, machining out the chip breakers , and it could  can achieve um-level accuracy.
  • Engraving Machine with μm-level Accuracy
  • Usage: it is for machining out the chip  breakers of the inserts with high-accuracy engraving

EDM with μm-level Accuracy

  • The chip breaker on the copper is projected onto the upper and lower punches of the mold by EDM , and it could reach accuracy of μm level.
  • EDM with μm-level Accuracy

2. Manufacture of carbide blanks

By applying pressure the carbide powder is converted into a blank .

Three-dimensional coordinate detector

  • Usage: It is very good to detect whether the accuracy level of each dimensions of the mold meets our requirements.

Ball milling

  • The raw materials would be fully blended together, and the corresponding mixture particle size would be obtained according to the ball milling time and process control.

3. Surface Treatment

Spray drying

  • The particles are fine and uniform,with good fluidity.Therefore, the products dimensions fluctuation would be small,the cutting edges would be denser and the strength would be better.
  • The mixture process is carried out in a closed environment. The materials are not in direct contact with people, and the soiling is basically avoided, and also the oxygen content is lower and the materials are cleaner.

Cobalt magnetic detection

  • The indicators of the spray material would be detected, qualified spray material could control better the stability of the products.
  • The performance of each batch of spray material would be detected,only qualified then could be put into production.

Automatic Press

  • Germany imported equipments, fully automated in the pressing process, the product with high qualified rate and high accuracy.

4. Inspection and Packing

All the inserts will be checked carefully before packing .

HIP sintering

  • The HIP sintering furnace,German equipments, which could achieve better results in various indicators.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the sintered product,helps to remove impurities on the surface of the inserts.

Passivation、 Surface grinder

  • Inserts can be processed with high accuracy, and machine reaches μm level accuracy, which is better for different processing materials to achieve different passivation accucracy.

Dimension Checking Machines

  • Batch inspection of products to check whether the accuracy of each dimensions of the product is within standard.

Ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Use the Ultrasonic cleaning to do the surface cleaning once again

High power microscope

  • Checking the inserts mainly to see whether they are slightly chipped

CVD Coating

  • Mainly Using for coating of steel,cast iron machining inserts.

PVD Coating

  • Mainly Using for stainless steel machining and milling inserts.

CVD Coating

  • Checking the coated Inserts to see whether there are chipping and coating peeling off issues

Cutting Machine

  • Cut the coated inserts to analysis the thickness and adhension of the coating


OEM service is accepted , please provide the following details ;

1. Drawing or samples
2. The objective of machining , so we can provice the suitable material .
3. Quantity , it's important for us to decide the cost .
4. Speical requirement

The delivery of OEM items is normally range from 30 to 40 days , Our sales manager will confirm everything with you before production .


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